Frequently Asked Questions​

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel to get in touch below.

Unlike other wedding videographers, I don’t charge for a set amount of hours or only record up until a certain time, I capture it all. I include all the best bits of the day into a perfectly constructed documentary styled highlights reel. At any point before or after the wedding you may also add extras onto your package, such as full speeches, full ceremony, etc as I record everything on the day just incase you’d like to purchase it at a later date. No need to panic over money when you don’t have it, you can always come back to me down the line and add them on.

I have a very cinematic filming style as I like to think of your wedding film as your own personal movie. From cinematic shots of you getting ready before the ceremony to your first dance as a married couple, I capture it all as beautifully and elegantly as possible.

Prices vary depending on what each couple wants included in their wedding film. I capture everything that happens on the day and it is up to you to decide how long of a film you would like afterwards, that is where the cost factor comes in. Prices start at €850 for a 7-10 minute highlights reel and you can also get add-ons and enhancements such as full speeches and full ceremony. A specially engraved USB stick and holder is included with every wedding film.

Anywhere you can think of, we’ll be there! We’re based in Cork City but often travel far and wide from Limerick to Germany. We calculate our travel fee at 55c per kilometer after 30km. If you are having your wedding abroad we can work out costings for you once we know more details.

It is not compulsory but if we are staying past dinner we would very much appreciate if you could arrange a hot meal for us with your venue around the same time your guests will be eating.

Weather and time permitting, I do like to take our drone up to get an eagle eyed view of your venue and surrounding areas. There are however restrictions to when and where I can fly:

For safety and to comply with IAA regulations, drones cannot be flown over or in close proximity to groups of people, within 5km of aerodromes, over urban areas, in civil or military controlled airspace, in restricted areas or above certain heights.

Regardless I will do my best to get the bird up in the sky but it is not always possible

For the Silver and Gold package just one of us is there on the day but with the Platinum Package there is two of us there on the day, but don’t worry as we are very discreet, you won’t even know we are there. Alternately we can also direct you for a video shoot to get some romantic shots but we find the natural unposed moments are the best to capture.

If you are purchasing the Gold or Silver package but would like a second filmmaker there on the day to capture more angles and precious moments, you are more than welcome to purchase the second filmmaker enhancement.

Contrary to popular belief, editing is actually the more difficult part of the process. This is where all the magic happens and where we make your personal wedding film come alive, but that takes a lot of time and dedication. Having said that we usually aim to have your film out to you within 12 – 16 weeks.

We will deliver the final film to you on a USB stick with your name and wedding date engraved on it. You may also purchase other ways such as DVD, extra USB sticks and you can always come back to us at any time for a free digital download.

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